Armor of Glass by RMA Spears


Armor Of Glass is a Tour De Force!


W hat makes a warrior, a hero? Things which break some makes others stronger, determined to overcome and protect others. It doesn’t come easy; it comes at a price – a mental and emotional battle with the past, which is a brutal foe trying to rob one of happiness, of love.

This led Brick to become a selfless Marine, going to war and fighting to be an ideal husband and father. The turmoil, pain and heartrending quarrels take a noble life and turns it into an inner war more complex than the one he fights for his country. Riveting, intense and profoundly the conflict every man seeks to win.

Clarion Review

Live the struggle, the love, betrayal and grit of war through Brick! See life through the eyes of many veterans who struggle with this reality, with the powerful prose of this first-time author. Based on RMA Spears’ real-life experiences – you will experience the drudgery, losses and victories! A must read!

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