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“Keen observations are powerful and build a sense of imagery to reveal how one man’s struggles have shaped his perspective… A man relives the events that shaped his cynical view of life. It’s a skillfully crafted literary read.

Foreword Clarion Review

Armor of Glass shines thanks to superb prose. Brick’s voice is clear and well-defined, with a determined masculine voice. That voice lends a uniqueness to this erratic love story…a character study of a lover, a Marine, a husband, a father, and a man in modern times.”

San Francisco Book Review

“Spears has created a memorably realistic protagonist in Brick…You may not like Brick; there’s a good chance, in fact, that you will hate him. Even so, you cannot help but feel captivated by his story. Alternately victim and victimizer, hero and goat, unbearable blowhard and sympathetic wanderer, Brick worms his way into the reader’s consciousness and offers a glimpse of what life and love look like for a wide swathe of unromantic America.


“Spears’ long, illustrious military career gives him a clear knowledge of his source material. Indeed, the most compelling parts of the novel are those in which he provides insight into the mindset of a Marine, with deft descriptions such as, “Marines slaughter on command, taking control of the chaos.”

Kirkus Review

“Professionally written, the story …brings readers satisfyingly into the action with its realistic first-person narrative.”

Blueink reviews

Armor of Glass is one of the most realistic love stories I have ever read. There are no happy endings, no happily ever after. There is only life and learning to live through the bad and to enjoy the good while taking the time to reminisce about love lost. R.M.A. Spears has crafted an emotionally intense novel that had me hooked from page one.”

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Eduardo Aduna

“This story is a contemporary romance told from a man’s point of view and what a refreshing story it is…If you are looking for a summer novel to read, you don’t have to look any further than Armor of Glass: A Novel – it is fantastic.”

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Kathryn Bennett


R.M.A. Spears presents in Armor of Glass a story of internal confusion, pain and loss. It is a lasting story… those who look closely, such stories bring understanding and insight. Armor of Glass is such a story… a genuine tragedy, honestly told.”

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Patricia Reding


“R.M.A. Spears, the author of Armor of Glass, presents Brick’s story in the first person, making it intensely personal, as though he is having a long conversation with the reader. There are plenty of surprises. While reading, you will feel anger, sadness, frustration and you will probably even laugh. If you like romance, a sprinkling of military talk and a lot of drama, you will enjoy Armor of Glass.”

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Michael McManus


“…a riveting love story laced with corruption and sexual misconduct that prevails in the Air Force…passion and emotions expressed by the author are stark and there is an element of mystery surrounding the character of Brick Pace. All the characters are powerful and the twists and turns in the plot are unexpected, which adds to the intrigue of the story.”

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Mamta Madhaven