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Click, another problem was born, pause, one died, wait for it, wait for it, another one immigrated. That’s how fast problems pile up in this country. The population of this country doubled since I was born and is four times what it was when my grandfather was born at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The current population of the United States is 326,296, 596, as of 23:58:00 UTC, today, the 19th of November 2017, and counting. Today, four-thousand people were born, three thousand died, and over a thousand immigrated, give or take a body or two here and there.

China’s the largest country in the world with 1.3-billion people. China has a billion more problems than we do. India is second with 1.2 billion, then us. It takes four and a quarter United States’ to make one China, though it takes ten Canada’s to make up one United States. China grows another Canada every six years.

Many get caught up in arguments that there is nothing unique or special about the United States. I vehemently cry out my disagreement and by looking at the thousand immigrants a day coming in, I would say they agree with my disagreement.

What makes us special?

This thing called freedom so few people understand and take for granted because they were born into it, always had it, never lived without it. We fight amongst ourselves every hour of every day about a million things that detract from the very freedom we have. The media world is rich with talking heads telling us what to do, how to do it, what is best for us, how we should vote to get things their way, how everyone needs to change their lives to be “right.”

The most progressive, complex, diverse, and free country on the planet has to have all who reside here, all its citizens, believe the same way? Huh?

Where is this coming from that we must all believe alike?

We’re democratic, dammit–not hypocritic.

I think a little tolerance and “laxitude” would go a long way. We don’t want to solve problems the Chinese way and exterminate 60,000,000 “dissident citizens” or do it the Russian way and starve and murder over 30,000,000.


It is all anyone can do to take care of themselves much less imposing their will and make decisions for others.

I don’t need things to be my way or want things to be my way–for you to live your life.

I want things to be the choices of people to make on their own. Equal individuals making their own equal choices in this land of opportunity. You will not find a more level playing field anywhere in the world, especially not in China.

I don’t have the time or the energy to chase down other people and make them conform to my way of thinking.

Want to be stupid or be paid a horrible wage? Don’t stay in school, don’t listen to your parent(s), don’t invest in schooling, but don’t expect the country to bail your dumb ass out of skid row. You already had free schooling up to the 12th grade, unless you screwed that up.

Not sorry, again, life is equal and that was your decision to make good on or screw up–not mine, so I shouldn’t have to help you later in life to unscrew yourself.

I want everyone to be equal, equal in opportunities to excel or be stupid, but you suffer the consequences that are uniquely yours–not mine. Don’t come running to me to pay your light bill because you were or lazy or stupid and did not want to invest in your own life. I took care of me–YOU take care of you. That is freedom–got it. Use it or lose it and by not working hard, by being lazy, by not staying in school, or by not taking care of yourself, THAT IS ON YOU–NOT ME.

Being responsible for yourself is the crux of true freedom. You are so free, in fact, you are free to totally fuck up your life and I don’t have to care–nor should I have to pay to fix your fuck-up either.

If you are gay, be gay. If you’re not, you’re not – shut up about it. If you were born that way or not, I don’t care and I don’t want the government wasting valuable time telling you, or anyone else for that matter, how to live.

If you want to use drugs, do so. Knock yourself, kill yourself. Don’t expect me to fix you by paying for hospitals, treatment, or rehab for you and your stupid decision. That’s on you.

Want to go to college? Go to college. Find a way to pay for it and if that’s with a government student loan that the government graciously decided to “loan” you, don’t go running into the streets clamoring you made a lousy life decision by deciding to get a degree in Albanian history and now you can’t find a job.

Your dumb decision is on you. Pay the loan off and move on to your insurance sales job like everyone else who wasted away in Albanian history.

Making decisions suck which is why it’s up to you and not me. I don’t want the responsibility for you. I’m hard enough to handle being me.

Women get pregnant and didn’t want to. Now, what do they do? (And I didn’t ask what would I do?)

I don’t believe in abortion, but I never had to worry about it or make that life-altering decision one way or the other. Women have to. Who am I to tell them or anybody else what to do or how to do it? I wouldn’t advise them or you on a heart transplant or whether or not you need braces. Why then a baby? You make the decisions in your life and I’ll make mine.

Again, and therefore, don’t come running to me to pay for your decision, one way or the other.

Yes, I’m a conservative, one that gives more a fuck about you than you do. The collective us, the government, or anybody else does not need to make your decisions. You make your own so I don’t have to give a fuck.

I believe in science, stem cell research, evolution, and in truth over politics. If the guy I vote for is dirty, hang him. I’m not going to feign support for someone just because I voted for them if they end up dirty or untrustworthy. The truth and this country matters more.

Oh, yes, and the earth is flat, but just where I stand at the moment.

Dare I say, I am true progressive, in the dictionary definition not the political “appearance” of such the left clings to. I want to really move our country forward instead of paying for slackers who hold back the rest of us. We have so many programs and organizations to help the purported less fortunate that a big chunk of them spend their days mining handout money and dispensed with work entirely.

By admission, being a conservative progressive must make me a libertarian.

I want a smaller, less bureaucratic, less fucked up, more personal government that knows what the hell it’s doing.

I want to be John Free Individual, not number 321-45-5687. If I’m reduced to a number, we’ve failed as a people to make our people’s government work.

If we use the government as a piggy bank to bail out everyone who makes wrong or bad decisions, we’ve failed. (Dare I say also–big banks, GM, AIG???)

Live and let live, and leave me and the money I earn alone.

You live your life and I’ll live mine-okay.


That’s what makes us ideologically larger and greater than China. It takes balls to make your own life decisions and then have to suffer the consequences of your own actions and that’s what makes us special and unique.

Welcome to the land of the free and the brave. We have 326 million problems and counting in this country, wouldn’t it be better if everyone made their own decisions? If the immigrants clawing to get here understand it, why can’t our natural citizens?

(I love the smell of freedom in the morning.)

Now, leave me alone.

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